//Meeting With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Meeting With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After the accident and you have chose your attorney, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to set up the first meeting. Be prepared by bringing in all relevant documents and paperwork to make the process easier. During the first meeting, several topics will most likely come up, which will dictate the way the rest of the lawsuit will go.

When you meet a motorcycle attorney for the first time after an accident, your lawyer will first want to hear your testimony of the incident. They may ask you to provide a wide range of information. How long this initial meeting lasts depends on the details of the accident and the severity of your injuries. Usually, legal cases such as motorcycle accidents do not take long to discuss if the prospective client is prepared, the duration of your first consultation should be short.

In addition to hearing your side of the story, your attorney may also ask about your medical status, and to possibly sign a medical release form in order to record information regarding your injuries.

Furthermore, you may be asked to provide your insurance information and may also be asked if you’ve spoken to an insurance adjuster. You should never speak about your motorcycle accident to an insurance adjuster or anyone else, including doctors, until you’ve spoken and been advised by an attorney.

Once the pertinent medical, insurance, and accident details are out of the way, your attorney will most likely ask you to sign a retainer contract, which serves as a binding document that you’ve chosen him to represent you. Keep in mind that if you have questions or concerns, that you should ask them prior to signing the retainer contract.

After you’ve signed the necessary forms and hired your motorcycle accident attorney, the next step is you and your attorney creating your motorcycle accident lawsuit.

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