//Motorcycle Accidents and Head Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents and Head Injuries

One of the major causes of fatalities in motorcycle accidents are due to head injuries. Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that close to three thousand people lose their lives annually due to motorcycle accidents, this is in addition to another fifty thousand that suffer other forms of injuries.

A large number of brain and head injuries that occur usually involve a motorcyclist and sometimes a passenger that does not have a helmet on. That said, cyclists and passengers with helmets could also suffer from head injuries as well. There are different type of head injuries, and the type you suffer from will depend to a large extent on how serious the accident you were involved in was. These are some of the types of head/brain injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents.

Spinal Cord Injuries: these injuries in a lot of cases tend to affect the brain and impairs its ability to communicate with other parts of the body. The fibers responsible for sending signals from the spinal cord to the brain are a lot of times ruptured in the event of a spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries usually lead to other problems like sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, bowel movement problems, quadriplegia, just to mention a few.

Traumatic Brain Injury: commonly referred to as TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury usually manifests in different ways. Its symptoms could be in the form of severe headaches, epilepsy, difficulty in coordination, loss of balance and difficulty swallowing. People who suffer from TBI usually tend to be forgetful, have poor concentration, and are not able to process information or understand languages easily. TBI could also affect your mental health and make you suffer from mood swings, excessive anger, and depression.

Skull Fractures: this type of injury usually does not demand serious medical treatment, although in some cases may lead to damage to the brain. Any skull fracture that leads to brain damage usually causes severe damage to the brain and possibly the veins and arteries.

The human brain, unlike other organs in the body, isn’t capable of healing by itself. People who incur brain and head injuries are likely to receive more medical treatment than those who suffer from other types of injuries. Most brain injuries require more time and money for therapy and treatment.

Victims of motorcycle accidents don’t have to go through this on their own. A professional lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents could be of assistance and help you claim your compensation due to the accident.

If you have recently been the victim of a Motorcycle accident it is imperative that you contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney.