//Road hazards

Road hazards

Hazardous roads and conditions have proven to be one of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents and collisions. Debris and wet roads may be overlooked when riding a car, but they can cause serious injuries to motorcyclists. With accidents occurring so often, it is crucial that motorcyclists be aware of road hazards. It is also crucial that as a motorcyclist you know your bike and are prepared for road hazards, reckless drivers and harsh weather conditions.

Gravel and small pebbles laying on the roads can be very dangerous for motorcyclists. When coming into a bend gravel can pose a hazard and can possibly lead to losing control of your bike. Most times, inexperienced motorcyclists tend to turn corners sharply or too fast and cause a collision. Taking corners cautiously and slowly ensures that you come out of the curve with control of your bike.

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is roads that are jagged and uneven. Some examples would include construction work, old roads with a lot of potholes etc. Not only is it jagged or uneven roads but slick roads are also a hazard for motorcyclists.  Oil spills, rain, and mud may not be an issue for some passenger vehicles, but they make up a large amount of motorcycle accidents.

Many Motorcycle accidents also occur when there is debris on the road. Some examples of road debris include small dead animals, debris, rocks, branches, or tire remains. Any object found on the road or highway poses a risk for motorcyclists and should be avoided with extra precaution as even the slightest road hazard could cause a serious accident.

If you get injured by a road hazard, what happens and who is liable? All of this depends upon the type of hazard, why it was there, and whether or not someone was responsible for removing the hazard or putting up proper warning signs. For example, city or state agencies may be held responsible for negligence in the case of known hazards without warning signs.

Also, individuals and businesses may be held responsible for hazards associated with them. Common examples of this includes branches falling out of a landscaping company’s business truck, or someone littering by tossing items out of the window while driving.

It is important to seek the counsel of a motorcycle accident lawyer if you have been a victim of hazardous road conditions.