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Safety Recalls

Safety Recalls and Motorcycles

A motor safety recall is a defect found in motorcycles that makes them dangerous to operate. Usually these defects are found by either the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the motorcycles’ manufacturer. When a safety recall occurs, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to inform the owners of the motorcycles of the safety recall and the reason for the safety recall.


If your motorcycle or parts on your motorcycle are recalled, by federal law, the motorcycle recall must be corrected at no charge by the manufacturer. This means that the manufacturer must either repair the issue, repurchase the motorcycle, or replace the motorcycle. There is a chance, that there are certain situations in which the manufacturer is not responsible. If your motorcycle is over 10 years old when the defect is found, then it is the owners responsibility to repair the defect. In addition, manufacturers are not legally bound to reimburse owners for any damages caused by the motorcycle defect or other costs incurred aside from the defect.


In typical situations, the motorcycle manufacturer will solve the issue and repair the defect. But, there are instances when the manufacturer either will not fix the issue for free or just completely refuses. In these instances, there are certain actions you can take. First, get in contact with the service manager at the dealership where you took delivery of the motorcycle. If where you took delivery of the motorcycle will not correct the issue, then contact the manufacturer directly. If nothing works, contact the NHTSA with your issue. In addition, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is recommended as these types of lawyers have experience in the field of motorcycle laws, including safety recalls. You don’t always have to contact the service manager and manufacturer before contacting the NHTSA, but if they are willing to fix the issue, it could save you a large amount of time and hassle.


If you need legal assistance with motorcycle safety and recalls, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process.