//The Cost of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The Cost of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When an accident occurs, odds are the results are major. In a motorcycle, unlike a car, most accidents result in significant property damage and bodily damage. Unlike a car that has metal surrounding the passengers a motorcycle is much more exposed, thus making an accident, that would be minor for a car, much more dangerous.

Medical Costs
The NHTSA revealed that medical costs are the most expensive part of motorcycle-related accidents. If the motorcyclist were wearing a helmet but still suffered fatal wounds, the average medical expenses are around $14,000 per person. If the motorcycle rider suffered life-threatening injuries without putting on a helmet, the average cost would come to about $16,000 per person.

The medical costs of victims that suffer head injuries are more expensive than those that sustained head injuries. The average cost of victims without head injuries cost $43,000 per person, while the medical cost for victims with head injuries is around $15,000 per person. Keep in mind, these costs may vary from state to state, and in several situations, the cost of an injury may be lower or higher than the statistics provided.

Social Cost
Besides the expensive costs of medical care, victims of motorcycle accidents also suffer social costs such as reduced quality of life, loss of work, and suffering. In motorcycle accidents, medical cost accounts for 6%, 29% for work, and 63% for reduced quality of life and suffering.

Reports have revealed that about $11.5 billion is lost every year in suffering, pain, and overall quality of life, while $6.5 billion is lost every year due to lost wages. Social costs, for each motorcycle accident where the victims have endured fatal injuries, are an average of $211,000 is lost.

Since medical and social cost is increasing rapidly, it is vital you know your fundamental rights and what you are entitled to in case you become a victim of a motorcycle accident. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you through every process and ensure that you have appropriate legal representation.