//The Primary Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The Primary Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are not as rampant as passenger vehicle accidents.  However, the level of injuries sustained when there is a motorcycle accident is higher than that of passenger vehicle accidents.  According to a federal government sponsored 2006 study, motorcyclists have a higher chance (at least 35 times higher) of death in the case of an accident, compared to those in car accidents. Due to the high fatality rate of motorcycle accidents, it is crucial that motorists are informed. When people are educated and aware, they become a lot more cautious of motorcyclists.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over half of all motorcycle accidents that resulted in death are head-on collisions. In head on collisions, often a passenger car is to blame for the accident. This is not uncommon, car drivers often do not see the motorcycle, due to blind spots.

It is very common for accidents to occur when vehicles make left-hand turns. Almost 42% of motorcycle fatalities occur when a vehicle is making a left-hand turn.  The reason accidents happen so often in this situation is due to a vehicle not seeing the motorcycle going through the intersection. In most cases the car driver is at fault, but many times a motorcycle, driving at a high rate of speed, is at fault.

A large part of motorcycle accidents in the United States occur when motorcyclists are speeding or driving under the influence.  This is also common with single vehicle accidents, but a motorcyclist, is more likely to sustain serious injuries because of the lack of protection (i.e. Metal framing like a car)

25% of motorcycle accidents comes from fixed objects and road hazards.  Wet roads, dead animals, and debris are just a few examples of causes fixed objects and road hazards.  Because there is no additional protection, crashes involving motorcyclist and fixed objects most likely lead to serious injuries and sometimes death.

Serious injuries a lot of times occur in motorcycle accidents. Head injuries, being one of the most typical injuries that occurs in an accident, are serious accidents and require medical treatment. Medical treatment takes a large amount of time and money and can result in lost wages, emotional stress and lost time at work. It is crucial that those involved in a motorcycle accident contact a experienced Motorcycle lawyer after an accident has occurred.


If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, consider contacting a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer and explore your legal options.