//Tips to avoid injuries when an accident is unavoidable

Tips to avoid injuries when an accident is unavoidable

It’s true that there are many tools and rules that help us avoid accidents, but the reality of the matter is that we can’t always be in control of the situation and motorcycle accidents do happen.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to get into a deadly road accident than people who drive cars.

This means that motorcyclists need to take their safety very seriously. It’s also important to know the different ways to avoid or minimalize the damage of an accident.

Just like cars, there are many things we can do to operate motorcycles safely. Some examples of safe motorcycle practices include as keeping an eye and focusing on the road, never driving under the influence, follow road laws, etc., there are also things we can do to avoid serious injuries during an accident.

To be able to think and act fast in such situations, you must have previous knowledge, here’s how you can decrease injuries in the event of an accident:


Brake quickly

If you happen to find an obstacle on the road and it’s too late to avoid it, you need to hit both the front and rear brakes as quickly as you can. Make sure that you are efficient and comfortable using both the front and rear brakes. If your front brake happens to lock up, release it and then try to brake again; if it’s the back brake that gives you trouble, just keep it locked.


Try to minimize the risk

If it’s possible in the moment, attempt to steer away from the area that poses the biggest threat to your physical integrity while staying on your bike. If the accident is unavoidable, but you see a window to place yourself in a better position to fall or to take the blow, then do so.


Don’t lay on your bike

Your tires offer more traction than the metal or plastic of your bike’s constitution, so make sure you stay on the bike instead of laying on it. Braking will help you avoid injuries more than laying on your bike. The only time when laying on your bike can help is if you ever find yourself falling off a cliff or an overpass; in that case it will help you get off before it falls off the edge.


What to do if you fall

Most of the time, falling off your motorcycle simply can’t be avoided. So, if you do, try to relax! This might seem impossible to do, but if you relax your muscles you’re less likely to break something.

Remember that you can’t fight gravity and momentum, so just allow the fall to happen and avoid tucking and rolling so you reduce the risk of spinal injuries.

Once you’ve stopped moving, take a breath, assess the damage on your body and, if you’re not at risk of worsening your injuries, try to stand up.

If you’ve been a victim of a motorcycle accident, it is crucial that you have an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you if you are seeking damages.