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Enter your information into the motorcycle insurance calculator below to get an estimated cost without requirements for submitting personal information.

Disclaimer: This tool provides estimates based on average costs per state, age, driver experience, and type of motorcycle you will be insuring. Data was compiled from various motorcycle insurance providers and resources.

Your actual rate will most likely be different from the estimate.

Check rates with various providers below the calculator to get a 100% accurate quote for motorcycle insurance.

How To Use This Motorcycle Insurance Calculator

In the section titled State, enter the state you live in. The calculator will automatically enter the average monthly base rate for motorcycle insurance for your state.

In the section titled Age, choose one of the predetermined age brackets. The amount will be increased or remain unchanged depending on your age.

Most motorcycle insurance companies charge a higher rate for drivers under 21 years old, which will reflect in the estimated monthly premium price.

In the section titled Type Of Motorcycle, choose from one of the 3 motorcycle type options. Cruiser type motorcycles have the lowest insurance rates with touring bikes being higher and sport motorcycles carrying the highest rates.

If you are unsure what to enter for this section, see our post on the 15 types of motorcycles.

In the last section titled Years Of Experience, choose one of the two options available which is less than 10 or 10 or more. This is how many years of experience you have riding a motorcycle.

Rates are lower for drivers with 10 or more years of experience.

After you have entered all 4 points of data into the motorcycle insurance calculator above, you will see your estimated monthly premium cost in the section to the right titled Estimated Monthly Insurance Amount.

Frequently Asked Questions For Motorcycle Insurance

How much is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance costs will vary depending on a wide variety of factors. The primary factors are the state you are located in, your age, the type of motorcycle you are insuring and the amount of riding experience you have.


Who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

There is no single carrier that unanimously has the lowest rate in every state and the calculator tool above is only to be used as a reference.

You should check with at least 3 motorcycle insurance providers to find out who has the lowest rate and best coverage for your situation and location.

We have included a section below the calculator where you can get quotes from multiple carriers.


What does motorcycle insurance cover?

That depends on what type of coverage you choose.

Bodily injury coverage covers losses and medical expenses of other drivers involved in an accident when you are at fault. It does not cover your expenses and in some states, it covers their passengers. In other states, it is an add-on.

Property damage is exactly as it sounds. It covers damage to other vehicles or motorcycles, homes, commercial property, or any other structure or property owned by someone involved in the accident when you are at fault. This does not cover your property.

Personal injury covers you for things like medical expenses, lost wages, and more if you are injured in an accident.

Collision covers damages to your motorcycle when you either lose control and no other vehicle is involved or when you collide with another vehicle or motorcycle.

Comprehensive covers non-accident related damages such as weather, theft, etc.

Uninsured motorist will cover any losses that are the fault of another driver that is not insured.

There are many other add-on coverages like towing, rental reimbursement, upgraded non-factory installed equipment, and more but the 6 coverages above are the most common.


Who has the best motorcycle insurance?

That would depend on what you determine to be the best motorcycle insurance as that question is subjective.

Typically, it would include carriers that are reputable brands with good reviews and fair rates.

We have included what we determine to be the best options just below the motorcycle insurance calculator above.


Why is motorcycle insurance so expensive?

Although motorcycles typically cost much less than cars or trucks, that doesn’t translate to lower rates.

The reason is that medical expenses are typically the highest expense for insurance companies by far.

The risk of being seriously injured in an accident is significantly higher for motorcycle riders than for car or truck drivers due to the lack of protection.

That translates into what is usually a higher insurance rate, which is why motorcycle insurance is so expensive compared to vehicle insurance.


How to lower motorcycle insurance?

Most factors that influence the cost of insurance such as age, location, and years of experience, are outside of your control.

The biggest factor you can control is what type of motorcycle you purchase.

Choosing a cruiser or touring bike will result in a much lower rate than a sport bike.