//High-Performance Motorcycles and Accidents

High-Performance Motorcycles and Accidents

The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) reported that only a small fraction of the national average of motorcyclists operate high-performance motorcycles. However, many of the accidents recorded every year occur from motorcyclists operating high-performance bikes.

What is a High-Performance Motorcycle?
A high-performance motorcycle is a Sportbike or a supersport motorcycle optimized for acceleration, speed, and braking. Initially, supersport motorcycles were creating for racing; however, these bikes have been modified for highway and road use by many manufacturers. The difference between a supersport bike and a regular motorcycle it the horsepower rate, a supersport bike has a higher power rate. Also, a high-performance motorcycle is much lighter than your average motorcycle; these bikes have a much better Horsepower to weigh ratio.

Sports motorcycles are essentially the same category of bikes as supersport motorcycles. The only difference is that the power to weight ratio of sports motorcycles is lower than supersport bikes. Both type of bikes are commonly driven by males under the age of 34.

Accident Rates with High-Performance Motorcycles
According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, riders of sports motorcycles are twice as possible to lose their lives in a motorcycle accident as opposed to riders of regular bikes. While supersport motorcycle drivers are four times more likely to lose their lives in motor accidents.

Most high-performance bikes weigh close to 440 pounds compared to a cruiser-style motorcycles weigh up to 900 pounds. For reference, regular motorcycles like the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic produce up to 66 horsepower, while high-performance motorcycles can produce up to 160 horsepower.

According to HLDI, deaths from motorcycle related-accidents are on the rise. If you are a high-performance motorcycle rider, it is crucial to understand the accident statistics before engaging in risky behavior. If you have been a victim of an accident involving a high-performance motorcycle, hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you in recovering damages is crucial.