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National Reports And Studies

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, a part of the Executive Branch of the United States Government, is an agency that promotes motorcycle and vehicle safety on the highways as well the use of safe transportation, via research, education, studies, and reports.

NHTSA performs periodical studies involving traffic, car assessments, vehicle safety, motorcycle accidents, collisions, and more in an attempt to educate citizens and reduce traffic-related fatalities. For motorcycle accidents, NHTSA looks at several factors and performs national studies in multiple areas of motorcycle accidents and safety, including the following:

  • The Costs of Motorcycle Injuries
  • Single Vehicle and Fatal Motorcycle Accidents
  • Fatal Motorcycle Accident Trends

Since 1970, under the United States Department of Transportation, NHTSA has been gathering statistics and performing research and studies that has led to a more extensive knowledge of highway trends, accidents, and collisions. These studies however, have had a significant impact on safety by recalling major parts on motor vehicles, producing the causes behind accidents, and providing traffic trends.

Motorcycle accidents happen quite frequently, yet NHTSA continues to enforce safety regulations in regards to motorcycles, motorcycle equipment, and protective gear. Grants provided by states and government have allowed the NHTSA to continue its studies on motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle and motorcycle safety are of particular importance to the NHTSA because motorcycle accidents are twice as likely to result in fatal injuries in traffic-related articles more than any other type of motorized transportation. In order to gain a better understanding, these studies and statistics are performed in order to investigate the costs, reasons, and trends for accidents.

Although motorcycle accidents have increased since 1997, NHTSA hopes that these statistics and reports will eventually reduce motorcycle accidents, which will dramatically reduce thousands of traffic-related fatalities on the highways and roads each year.

Source: http://www.nhtsa.gov/About+NHTSA/Who+We+Are+and+What+We+Do